Apparition Hill – Medjugorje – Podbrdo

Apparition Hill – Medjugorje – Podbrdo

Podbrdo or Apparition Hill is the place where Virgin Mary has appeared to visionary’s at hil of “Crnica” whic is above of village “Bijakovici”. From last houses of village Bijakovici untila Apparition Hill there is sleeky path wich milons of pilgrims have passed to reach place of Apparition so they created visible tracks on stones which is possible to see from long distance. Many of pilgrimswich re groven wery often on asphalt with clothing not agiusted for climbing to Apparition Hill or even with no shoes or on knees. Relief’s in bronze on path climbing to place of apirition has been installed by Prof. “Carmelo Puzzolo” in July of 1989 and they represent glorious and sourful mysteries of rosary.

At half of the way to Apparition Hill there is big Cross in wood without Jesus Christ on it. On that place on the third day of aperitons 26. June 1981 , Virgin Mary has appeared to Maria Pavlovic , after she came down from aperition that she had together with other visionary’s. On that place she saw another time Virgin Mary but this time with her face behind back of big cross with receiving message :

Peace, peace , peace and only peace! Peace must prevail between God and man and between man and man. Today this is the place where pilgrims stop for meditation in prayer and to meditat in messages of Virgin Mary that has been revealed to humans of today , that have big nead for peace.

For pilgrims climbing to Apparition Hill is meeting with Virgin Mary through personal prayer and prayer of rosary. People from all orotund World have been at Apparition Hill and they filled presidence of Virgin Mary their Mother and their Mother has listened each one of them in their language. Heare we can feel that one day we will be all together one nation like in Heaven and new world of peace will be born. Heare is one voice in desert that says:

Dear children, God is peace, the peace for people.

All people gathered in Medjugorje have their hards together. Peoples from all over the world andall languages looking for God , united in prayer. Heare on this hill one extraordinary event has began, atime of grace. Heare is big sign , one Lady dressd with sun , She is smiling and coming from heaven to guide us to salvation, guide us to Her son Jesus Christ.

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