Blue Cross – Medjugorje – place of silent prayer

Blue Cross – Medjugorje – place of silent prayer

“Blue Cross” indicates name of one location at “Apparition Hill “ where is made place for prayer which is marked with cross in blue colour.

It is ideal place for prayer for those than cannot climb the hill. Likr other places of prayer we are invited to pray rosary, remain in silence and reflect in messages in prayer atmosphere.

Visionary Marija explains: “when we speak obout Blue Cross everything has started in summer of 1981 when militia forbidden people to climb to hill and participate in prayer. After by militia we were running trought and suddenly unexpected Virgin Mary appeared. We began to pray and sing. In that moment milicia has passed wery close to us but they were like blind so we continued to pray and sing. We were invisible to their ayes. From that moment Virgin Mary has appeared often on that spot but militia never found us it was like safe location.

After this situation sometimes In 1982 Ivana’s prayer group was born. In this period every evening group of young people gets together with one or more visionary’s to pray together. In 4.July 1982 they have decided to climb the hill. But wehen they began to climb Virgin Mary suddenly appeared to Ivan and says to not continue climbing because there’s militia weighing for them. That aperition is on place where is Blue Cross today. Virgin Mary has prayed with them and blessed them and that was place for their future meetings. At beginning those days was Thursday and Friday and later Monday and Friday.

When Ivan is in Medjugorje he continues to receive aperitions of Virgin Mary at Monday and Friday at 21.00h (22.00-23.00h) at Blue Cross or sometimes at Podbrdo or Krizevac where he meets his prayer group as well.

Reason why this place is called Blue Cross is wery simple. Ivan with member of praying group Nedjo Brecic desired to mark this place with cross. Father of Ivan , Stanko , was painting something orotund his house with blue painting. They have took some of that colour and they painted cross in that colour.

Members of prayer group have decided to put another cross as memory of Nedjo who died 4. July.1999 right after aperition right on anniversary day of pray. In this spot for some period it was also that visionary Mirjana every 2. of the month receives visons of Virgin Mary in front of thousands of people. In front of Blue Cross have happened many miracles and healings confirmed.

And naturaly we don’t mention spiritual healings that culd testify millions of pilgrims.

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