Risen Christ statue – Medjugorje

Risen Christ statue – Medjugorje

Risen Christ Saviour is an masterpiece from slovenian artist Andrej Ajdic which has been placed for Easter 1998 at south of church in front of path that brings to local cemetery. This place is perfect for prayer with groups or individual and also to pray Stations of Cross for those who can not climb to “Mountain Krizevac “ ( Cross Mountain ) that has been added round by year 2002 for Easter. In the back of the church couple years ago has been added alley that has been called “Via Domini”

Place for prayer like for those who cannot klimb Krizevac is the path that brings to cemetery where we find mosaics that represent Mystery of Light that is also made for Easter year 2002.

Sculptor of Risen Christ was little bit disappointed when statue of this value was installed on place where it is now because he thought it would be more reasonable to install this peace of art closer to the church or at public square. He thought that it is not going to be close enough to pilgrims but in reality it was not like that. What really happened is that wery often was line of pilgrims to get close enough to Risen Christ. Sculpture has been called Risen Christ but real intention of artist was to alloy together “ Cross “ with “Rising Christ “. In reality when we look at Risen Christ we can se that he is not on crucificx but he is traced, he rises and stands up with body footprint left on the ground. As proposed as for his statue Ajdic said:

“This sculpent displagy shows two different mysteries : in fact my Jesus is relived, it’s symbology at same time Jesus on cross, which has remained on earth, and Risen as it holds without cross.

He came to this idea completely by accident because dropped crucifix into the modelling paste. He moved quickly crucifix from modelling paste and he noticed that has been left figure of Jesus in modellin paste.

With his great arms open to humanity the great sculpture of Jesus calls and great every pilgrim and he opens shelter and confrontation. The sculptor has wrapped Jesus’s hips with writh writing of Psalm 138.

From right knee of this sculture for some period leaks continuously liquid similar to tears, which not evaporate or freeze. It is possible to see it at any time of day or night. Many of pilgrims tearing this tears with tissue from Risen Christ and bringing it to sick people from all over the world. Some of pilgrims say it is from Jesus Christ . Might be or might be not but gest is very simobolic and touching. We can think that Virgin Mary- Queen of Peace has called us to Medjugorje to wipe Jesus Christ tears. Instead that we wipe his tears he wipes ours.

From scientific point of view this was analysed by qualified persons. Recently professor Giulio Fanti teacher of thermal and mechanical measurements from University of Padova ( Italy ) after having observed and studied this case declared:

“ liquid that come from statue is water 99 percent, and contains traces of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, sulphur and zinc. About half of the scructure is empty inside and as bronze shows micro cracks and I think that drops of tears are fruit of air exchanges. But it has also clerly very singular elements, statue leaks 1 litar of water for one day which is 33 time’s more than it should be by normal calculations. It’s inexplicable even if we take 100 % of air humidity. We also noticed that that this drops if allowed to dry on side have particular crystallisation that is wery different than normal water.

The questions on this issue remains. And even by admitting that this is very normal water you can ask yourself: Jesus may not make miracles through normal ? And for the rest, famous water of Lourdes is normal water and also there is a lot of healing…..

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